• Standard Ceiling Tile Access Panel

    Access panels are durable, non-corrosive, and chemical-resistant. They are designed for Biotech, Pharma, Hospitals, and other labs that require complete wash down sterilization. Our custom made panels are securely fastened with easy-open latches and provide quick access to gas, liquid and electrical sources in your lab.

    Access panels can be completely customized to fit your existing ceiling or wall framework. Provide us with the dimensions and any other requirements and we'll take care of the rest.

  • 9 Inch (in) Inside Dimension (ID) TEX Wipe Holder (PD8706)

    Our Auxiliary cleanroom furniture and cabinets are fabricated from durable polypropylene which will provide the best solution for your gowning and cleanroom area. Polypropylene can stand up to repeated daily sanitation, and is non-corrosive and non-conductive. It is free from particle generation and inhibits microbial growth. Also, our clients find using our products to be beneficial during their FDA audit inspections.

  • 24 Inch (in) Length and 10 Inch (in) Width Bootie Dispenser

    At Plastic Design, Inc., we understand the importance of maintaining a contaminant-free gowning room in all biomedical, pharmaceutical research and semiconductor clean rooms. To encourage compliance, gowning furniture and equipment should be just as cleanable as it is functional. We offer cleanable garment dispensing centers, custom fabricated cabinets, carts, and storage cabinets. Plastic Design Inc. has the expertise to provide exceptional clean room furniture and equipment solutions quickly, efficiently, and within your budget. Gowning room furniture should incorporate regulatory compliance and safety with convenience and functionality, while also effectively reducing contamination risks. Clean room garments - such as booties, hoods, and gloves - help to prevent contaminants and static, maintaining your clean room’s sanitary environment. Employing proper gowning procedures begins with providing ample storage space, proper hygienic equipment, and functional cleanable furniture.

  • 4 Compartment Gowning Bins

    Laundry Happens. Dealing with what to do with it is made easy when you can place it into a cleanable receptacle. Our laundry Hampers and Gowning Cabinets are completely washable and ready to hold any of your gowning needs.

  • Shoe Bins

    The Management of Street/Clean Lab shoes is paramount in small spaces. PDI has created a series of shoe management cabinets that hold the shoes in a clean area until they are needed. These cabinets are built tough and ready for use. They are also completely washable.

    Let us know how many compartments you'd like and your dimension requirements. We will then create a rendering for your review. We can add casters, clear or solid doors and other features to enhance your lab. Let us take a look at your lab and share ideas to create the most efficient use of your space.

  • 15 Inch (in) Length and 2 Inch (in) Height Dolly

    The Plastic Design Line of Carts and Dollies are not only functional but also cleanable. Constructed of Durable Polypropylene each unit can be wiped down to keep up with cleaning compliance while being durable enough to withstand the day to day use.

  • PD11278 REV A

    Chemical Bottle Washing is important to keep in compliance with local disposal of used bottles. At Plastic Design, Inc. we offer a complete automatic bottle washing solution. We provide systems that can accommodate the washing of one to twelve one gallon bottles simultaneously. Operation of the system is simple: the empty one gallon bottles are placed opening down over spray heads, a containment cover is closed and the cycle is initiated. The spray heads wash the inside of the bottle for a preset time or a volume equal to three times the container volume in a wash drain sequence. At the same time the inside is being flooded, the outside is being rinsed. This system also comes with a cap washer as an integral part of the unit.

  • Small Soak Baskets