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Detailed reviews and information of the best solar panels, inverters and batteries. Plus hybrid and off-grid solar system reviews and information articles on how solar and battery systems work.


Solar Installers Canberra | Find local solar power installers

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Solar Installers Canberra ACT

Some top ranking installers in Canberra are:

  • ECG Electrical | Canberra ACT

  • Mondiaux Solar | Canberra ACT

Cost of Solar in Canberra

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Checkout our Solar Price Calculator to get an estimated solar system price. If you have a quote for a solar installation in Canberra, visit our solar forum and you can have your quote reviewed by our team and community.

Examples of some pricing that we have seen for quotes in Canberra:

  • Panels: 9.77 kW, 31 x 315W Jinko JKM315M-60 | Inverter: Enphase IQ7 250W Micro Inverters | Price: $10899 net (after STCs) [$1.1 per W]

  • Panels: 9.9 kW, 33 x 300W Jinko PERC | Inverter: Fonius Symo 10 (3-Phase) | Price: $12969.80 net (after STCs) [$1.3 per W]

  • Panels: 7.8 kW, 26 x 300W ET Elite | Inverter: SMA Sunny TriPower (3-Phase) with Tigo Optimisers | Price: $11350 net (after STCs) [$1.5 per W]

Checkout Ch 5. How much will a solar power system cost? in our Guide to Buying Solar, for more information on cost, and importantly how much you should spend on a solar system.

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