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Detailed reviews and information of the best solar panels, inverters and batteries. Plus hybrid and off-grid solar system reviews and information articles on how solar and battery systems work.

Solar Installers Massachusetts | Find local solar power installers

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For some great info about solar in Massachusetts, including state policy and an installer map, checkout the SEIA Massachusetts website.

Solar Power Installers Boston & Cambridge, MA

Some highly rated installers on the web near Boston are:

  • RevoluSun | Burlington, MA

  • Brightstar Solar | Marlborough, MA

  • Boston Solar | Woburn, MA

  • Solstice | Cambridge, MA

Example solar panel system in Stoneham, MA

Here is an example production from a 9.5kW residential rooftop system system, which is publicly available via the Enphase Enlighten portal allowing us to see the output of the system. The system is installed 45 degrees West of South, at approximately 30° pitch, using Enphase micro inverters, and Hyundai solar panels (HiS-L280RG Sharp), and installed by Boston Solar.

The graphs show actual energy output in 15 min intervals.

Summer solar production - July

We can see that on a sunny day in summer, overall production is at 56 kWh for the day (5.9 kWh per kW of solar installed). Whilst peak output reached 7.34 kWh around 2pm.

Summer Solar Production Boston MA.png

Winter solar production - January

Winter production is much lower, as you would expect in Massachusetts, additionally hindered by afternoon shading on this system. On a sunny day in winter (which is not common) total production was 29.9kWh (3.14 kWh per kW of solar). Whilst peak output reached 6.84 kWh around 1pm.

Winter Solar Production Boston MA.png

Solar Power Installers Springfield

Some highly rated installers on the web near Springfield are:

  • All Energy Solar | Springfield MA

Solar Cost and ROI in Massachusetts

Examples of some pricing that we have seen on the forum for quotes near Massachusetts:

  • Panels: 12.47 kW, 43 x 290W Hanwha Qcells | Inverter: SMA Sunny Boy | Price: USD$25,000 before tax incentives ($2.00 per W)

  • Panels: 14 kW, 46 x 305W Hanwha Qcells Q.Peak G4 | Inverter: Enphase micro inverters | Price: USD$35,075 before tax incentives ($2.50 per W)

  • Panels: 13.4 kW, 41 x 327W SunPower AC with built in micro inverter | Price: USD$36,539 before tax incentives ($2.72 per W)

For more information about solar in Massachusetts check out our forum, where you can ask our experts anything about solar, or get your solar quotes reviewed. Here are a few topics that may be of interest:

Solaria vs Panasonic Solar Panels | Norfolk, MA

Option 1.

Cost/watt $3.18

Watts per panel- 365

Panel manufacturer - SolariaPanel model-PowerXT-365R-AC PowerXT

Number of panels 15

Inverter manufacturer- Enphase EnergyInverter model- IQ7-60-x-ACM-US-240

Option 2.

Cost/watt $2.93

Panel manufacturer - Panasonic Solar PanelsPanel model- VBHN340SA17 HIT+

Number of panels 18

Inverter manufacturer- Enphase EnergyInverter model- IQ7X-96-x-US-240

Solar Panels and Inverter for best ROI

“You mentioned Qcells, It think they would probably be a good balance of quality, performance and affordability. Obviously you would get more generation from using high efficient SunPower or LG, but it would push out the payback period. They might work out to be better ROI in the long run though, not sure, would be interesting to calculate that.”

- Marty

Solar Rebates

The federal solar tax credit is applicable to solar systems installed in Massachusetts.

Solar Quote Reviews

If you have a quote for a solar installation in Massachusetts, visit our solar forum and you can have your quote reviewed by our team and community.

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