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Detailed reviews and information of the best solar panels, inverters and batteries. Plus hybrid and off-grid solar system reviews and information articles on how solar and battery systems work.

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Solar Rebates

Most of New South Wales is in zone 3 for the federal STC rebate scheme. This means that for a 5kW system, in 2019 you are eligible for 96 certificates, which at the current price of around $30, you will receive a very handy $2880 off the upfront cost of your system. See our Solar Price Calculator for up to date calculations of STCs on your specific system size, and for a quote on the total cost of a system.

Take a look at the What financial incentives are available? chapter in our Guide to Buying solar for further details.

Solar Generation

A solar panel system in Sydney, New South Wales which is installed with good access to the sun, can get around 4.25 kWh of solar energy per kW installed on average per day throughout the year.

Average daily solar output estimate*

This data assumes an optimal 34° pitch for Sydney, see next section for details on optimal panel angles.

Sydney receives a very even amount of sun from the start of spring (September), right through to the end of Summer (February). The sunshine starts to decline a little in Autumn and then into winter, with the worst months being May to June.

The best months for solar production in Sydney are October and December, which both should produce a little under 5 kWh on average with a well installed system.

Per kW installed

Full year average: 4.26 kWh

Summer (Jan): 4.73 kWh

Winter (Jul): 3.56 kWh

For a 5kW system

Full year average: 21.23 kWh

Summer (Jan): 23.65 kWh

Winter (Jul): 17.8 kWh

Estimated Daily Solar Production | Per kW installed

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Optimal panel angle

The optimal panel angle in Sydney for year round solar production is 34° from the horizontal, and facing due North (0° azimuth). This allows for the most total production throughout the year. However, depending on when you use the most electricity, you may want to consider optimising your installation for different times in the year.

Bear in mind that roofs typically have a pitch of between 15 - 30°, and it usually makes sense if you are installing on a house, to simply lie the panels flat on the roof without changing the angle. This is due to cost, fixing and aesthetics. Installs look nicer when they are flat against the roof, they are more secure, and there is extra costs involved in changing the angle, both in parts and labour.

Here is a guide to the different production you will get throughout the year with different panel angles:

Winter optimised production | 49° pitch*

Per kW installed

Full year average: 4.10 kWh

Summer (Jan): 4.17 kWh

Winter (Jul): 3.80 kWh

Sydney Solar Generation | winter optimised.png

Summer optimised production | 19° pitch*

Per kW installed

Full year average: 4.21 kWh

Summer (Jan): 5.09 kWh

Winter (Jul): 2.97 kWh

Sydney Solar Generation | summer optimised.png

* This data is purely theoretical, based on solar irradiance and a 12% derating, every installation is different and should expect different outputs.

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