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Melbourne, VIC,

Detailed reviews and information of the best solar panels, inverters and batteries. Plus hybrid and off-grid solar system reviews and information articles on how solar and battery systems work.

Solar Installers Virginia | Find local solar power installers

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Solar Power in Virginia

Solar Installers

Some top ranking and CER community installers in Virginia:

  • Shenandoah Energy Services | Edinburg VA

  • Ipsun Solar | Fairfax & Washington VA

  • Nova Solar | Falls Church VA

  • SolarNova | Hamilton VA

  • Convert Solar | Virginia Beach VA

Check out our forum post - Solar Power Virginia | Installation & Cost - for a great discussion on the cost and payback period of a solar system in Virginia.

Solar Cost in Virginia

Examples of some pricing that we have seen for quotes in Virginia :

  • Panels: 5.92 kW, LG Neon 2 | Inverter: Enphase | Price: USD$22,404 gross ($3.78 per W). Minus $8107 federal tax rebate = $14297 net

    • Option of Tesla Powerwall $12000 installed

  • Panels: 12.295 Canadian Solar 315W | Inverter: AP Systems QS1 Micro-inverters | Price: USD$33,467 gross ($2.72 per W). Minus $10,040 federal tax rebate = $23,427 net

Quotes from Florida for comparison:

  • Panels: 12.47 kW, 43 x 290W Hanwha Qcells | Inverter: SMA Sunny Boy | Price: USD$25,000 gross ($2.00 per W). Minus $7520 federal tax rebate = $17480 net

  • Panels: 14 kW, 46 x 305W Hanwha Qcells Q.Peak G4 | Inverter: Enphase micro inverters | Price: USD$35,075 gross ($2.50 per W). Minus $10,523 federal tax rebate = $24,552 net

  • Panels: 13.4 kW, 41 x 327W SunPower AC with built in micro inverter | Price: USD$36,539 gross ($2.72 per W). Minus $10,962 federal tax rebate = $25,577 net

Solar Rebates

The federal solar tax credit is applicable to solar systems installed in Virginia.

You can see more details about rebates in our What financial incentives are available? solar guide chapter.

Solar Quote Reviews

If you have a quote for a solar installation in Virginia, visit our solar forum and you can have your quote reviewed by our team and community. A recent quote review in Virginia:

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